Video: Trayvon Martin's Parents Slam George Zimmerman


Reacting to an interview George Zimmerman gave to Fox News last night, the father of Trayvon Martin told 'CBS This Morning' that he does not believe Zimmerman's apology was sincere, given that Zimmerman claimed it was “God’s plan” for Trayvon to die.

Tracy Martin said: “I simply don’t know what God enjoys Zimmerman’s worshiping, because there’s no way that the God that I serve had in his plans for George Zimmerman to murder my son."

Sybrina Fulton, Martin’s mother, said that hearing Zimmerman claim to pray for them daily makes her feel “sad, because I just don’t believe what he says. It hurts a great deal… I have a hard time accepting it because he also said that he doesn’t regret anything he did that night. I don’t think God would have him, in his plan, to murder and innocent child.”


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