Video: Topless 'Femen' Activists Clash with Catholic Protesters over Gay Marriage

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The topless Ukrainian activist group 'Femen' recently counter-protested a march organized by the Catholic group 'Civitas,' who oppose France’s proposed law to legalize gay marriage (video below).

Members of Femen wore sexy nun costumes, had slogans written across their chests, sprayed white powder and chanted "in gay we trust" at Catholic protestors in Paris on Sunday, reports the Associated Press.

The Femen activists sprayed demonstrators with a white liquid called “Jesus’ semen.”

As Catholic protesters tried to push the topless feminists away, fights started. Police had to use tear gas to disperse the crowd.

At one point, police and LGBT activists had to surround the Femen women to protect them from the Catholic demonstrators, whose number was estimated to be 100,000. The topless activists were later taken to a police station, reports Russia Today.


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