Video: Houston, Texas Man Murdered Over Karaoke Song Choice

Police in Houston, Texas, say a man may have been killed early Monday morning over his choice of karaoke songs at Ostioneria Mazatlan, a Mexican seafood restaurant (video below).

The victim reportedly yelled that he was from Guerrero, Mexico after singing “Somos Mas Americanos,” which means “We Are More American.”

Houston Police Department’s Sgt. J.J. Wilson explained: “One of the gentleman, as soon as he stepped off the stage, someone didn’t agree with the song or the music or something, and there was an altercation inside the restaurant.”

One employee recalled that the two men had been shouting at each other: “(The shooter) told him to shut up (and said) ‘Why are you screaming the name of that town?' (The victim) said, ‘Why? It’s my town.’”

One witness told KRIV that the two men were arguing about the choice of music when the singer was shot in the head.


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