Video: Texas High School Student Tells Teacher How to Teach

A video clip of a student at a high school in Duncanville, Texas, has been viewed hundreds of times on YouTube and received thousands of comments on Reddit, as it features the teen trying to teach his teacher how to do her job.

In the video, it appears he is being asked to leave the classroom. But he is not angry about being kicked out of class, and is more angry about how his teacher teaches her students. 

Throughout his speech, which some are saying is so good it could be slam poetry, the teacher is repeatedly telling him to leave by saying "bye" and "get out." Meanwhile, his peers listen to what he has to say, and one secretly records him with his phone.

"Going off on kids because they don't freakin' get this crap?" he begins. "If you would just get up and teach them instead of handing them a freakin' packet, yo! There's kids in here who don't learn like that … they need to learn face to face."

With the teacher getting angrier, he says, "You're just getting mad because I'm pointing out the obvious." 

She replies, "No, it's because you're wasting my time."

Then he gets to the heart of his speech, telling her that she needs to get the students excited about learning.

"No I'm not wasting your time; I'm telling you what you need to do. You want kids to come into your class? You want them to get excited for this? You gotta come in here and make them excited. You want a kid to change and start doing better? You gotta touch his freakin' heart."

While it is not known if the student returned to class or what kind of trouble he was in, he is receiving praise from all over the Internet.

One Reddit user said, "He was like straight from a Tarantino script," while another said, "The words just seemed to flow into one another, just like good poetry."

A YouTube commenter wrote, "That kid could make a great teacher … if only he had a great teacher to help him get there. He's right. Teachers shape the future."

Sources: YouTube,Reddit


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