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Video: Teens Charged for Sexting Under New Pennsylvania Law

Two unidentified Salem Middle School students in Greensburg, Pennsylvania have been charged under the state's new sexting law, which bans teens from sending private text messages of a sexual nature (video below).

Greensburg Police Detective Sgt. Henry Fontana told CBS Pittsburgh: “A 13-year-old girl took a photo. She was naked from the waist up, took a picture of herself and sent it to a 14-year-old boy at his request."

The boy deleted the photo, but the girl’s mother found the photo on her daughter's phone and the called police on her child, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

Under the new law, minors over the age of 12 charged for the first time will get a citation, but a second offense will result in a misdemeanor charge.

Felony child pornography laws could still apply, depending on the intent.


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