Graphic Video: Teens Beat Disabled Vietnam Veteran

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According to Philadelphia police, 64-year-old Edward Schaefer was walking to meet his wife at the bus stop when he was approached from behind by six males.

When one of the suspects began the violent attack and the others joined in on the random beating (graphic videos below).

Schaefer is a Vietnam veteran who lost his eye while in combat.

The suspects fled the scene after good Samaritan Donald Jones came to Schaefer’s rescue.

“He fell and that’s when I came across the street. When they saw me, that’s when they scattered,” said Jones. “He was trying to talk and I said, ‘No, stay there. I got you.’”

Schaefer was rushed to Albert Einstein Medical Center with fractured skull and severe injuries to his face and hand.

“These animals are specializing on our elderly people out here and a gentleman who served our country,” Lt. George McClay said. “I’m disgusted by this whole thing. I’m surprised he survived.”

Police say all of the suspects have been identified. Once they have been apprehended, they could be charged with attempted murder.


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