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Watch: Girl Brutally Attacks Girl Holding A Baby (Video)

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A video of a girl being assaulted as she held a young child went viral on Wednesday.

In the video, uploaded on Tuesday, two girls tell the girl holding the baby to “get up.” When the girl refuses to stand, the attacker drags her out of her seat by her hair and throws her to the ground. The baby falls to the ground out of the girl's lap and begins to scream. Then, the attacker punches and kicks the victim.

In another frame, a bystander can be seen dancing during the attack.

It’s unclear why the victim was attacked or who the victims are.

“The horrific manner of the attack has impacted many Treepers and discussion participants of this site,” the Last Refuge blog, where the video was uploaded, wrote on Wednesday. “Therefore we are offering a reward for information about this attack...which will lead to the identification of the person(s) involved.”

The reward is $1,000, according to The Blaze.

This isn't the first time violence between two females has been recorded. In March, a violent video showing one girl beating another girl and a young child spread on Facebook, Fox News reported at the time. In that video, a girl can be seen kicking and punching a girl at a park in Indianapolis, Indiana, before then attacking the girl's younger brother. 

In that incident, police were able to apprehend the suspect.

Sources: The BlazeFox News

Photo Credit: The Blaze


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