Video: Teen Whitney Kropp Humilated by School Bullies, Town Gets Behind Her

Whitney Kropp, of Ogemaw Heights High School in West Branch, Michigan, was initially excited to learn that she had been voted the homecoming court of her sophomore class. But her excitement would later turn to tears in a scene that resembled the film 'Carrie.'

Later, she found out the honor was just a prank pulled by some kids at the school, reports the Daily Mail.

Kropp told WNEM-TV: "I had actually reached a point where I had thought about suicide for how bad this case was in. I thought I wasn't worthy at Ogemaw Heights at all."

She told the 'Today' show: "I felt like I wasn’t worthy. Why even be a part of this community, this world if I’m just going to be tossed around like basically a piece of trash."

Later, a Facebook page was set up, called 'Support Whitney Kropp,' which already has more than 33,000 'likes.'

Additionally, the small town has gotten behind Kropp who will be attending the homecoming dance on Saturday night with lots of freebies.

Local companies will buy her dinner, take her picture, do her hair and nails, and dress her in clothing, shoes and a tiara.


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