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Video: Teen Girl Drugs her Parents to Get on Internet

An unidentified teen girl in Rocklin, California was booked in the Placer County Juvenile Hall for allegedly drugging her parents to get on the Internet (video below).

The teen’s parents would not allow her to go on the Internet after 10pm, which she thought was too strict, reports CBS Sacramento and

So the teen mixed a friend’s prescription sleeping pill into her parents’ milkshakes.

The parents thought their milkshakes tasted odd, but were unconscious within an hour, which gave their daughter the chance to get online.

The next morning, the parents suspected something had been put in their milkshakes. They took a drug test and found that they had been knocked out by their dear daughter.

The daughter and her friend, who had the prescription pills, were arrested for conspiracy and willfully mingling a pharmaceutical into food.


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