Video: Teen Flash Mob Steals $3000 Worth of Jeans From Chicago Store


A mob of more than 20 teenagers descended on the Mildblend Supply Co. in Chicago, Illinois, on Saturday night, and stole more than $3,000 worth of jeans.

The incident was caught on store surveillance cameras. The owner, Luke Cho, posted the video on YouTube (below).

Cho hopes the video will help police find the robbers, or shame the parents of the teens so that they’ll turn the kids in.

Cho told CBS Chicago that he tried to close his doors when he saw the teens coming in: “You see a group a group of teenagers walking in, or marching in, one-by-one. As you can see, it looks like it’s some kind of procession. At least I think I kind of maybe stopped the flow a little bit, but I quickly realized something bad’s about to happen, and I alerted my staff to call 911."

Most of the teens flocked to an expensive brand of jeans called Nudie Jeans, which average about $200 a pair.

The teens tried to get out of store, but not before doing more shopping, stuffing their backpacks with more merchandise, while other teens outside tried to get in.

Eventually, the teens figured out how to unlock the door themselves, and rushed into the streets, which were packed with crowds from the Wicker Park Fest, making it easier to blend in.


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