Video: Teen Daniel Fernandez Sticks Head Out of Top of Bus, Killed

A double-decker bus was taking teenagers to a 'Sweet 16' birthday party, when 16-year-old Daniel Fernandez stuck his head out of the bus’ ceiling hatch on Staurday night.

When the bus went under the George Washington bridge, Fernandez was killed when his head struck the overpass, reports the Daily Mail.

According to Port Authority spokesperson Steve Coleman, the bus was headed from St. Francis Preparatory School in Queens, New York to a party in Garfield, New Jersey.

Security guard Alex Franco told the New York Post that he had warned the teens not to open the ceiling hatch. He went to tell the bus driver about heat in the bus, when he heard teenagers yelling and saw Fernandez on the floor of the bus.

Franco told the New York Post "There was so much blood everywhere."

St Francis teacher Jane Lynch recalled Fernandez to the Associated Press: "He was an adorable, low-key kid, with a sweet smile. Kids loved him; he had lots of friends and was popular with the girls."

Elizabeth Gonzalez, a student teacher at St. Francis, added: "He was very hands-on, he took the leadership role."


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