Teacher Tells Children to Draw 9/11 Pictures of Death, Parents Outraged

Parents are outraged because an unidentified teacher at Hughey Elementary School in El Paso, Texas, told their children to draw airplanes flying into buildings and people jumping to their deaths in remembrance of 9/11, reports KFOX-TV.

One student’s drawing had the words: “One way ticket to heaven.”

Another girl’s drawing shows people jumping out of burning buildings and yelling, “Help!” and “I love you!”

In another student drawing, the terrorists laugh as they fly planes into the World Trade Center buildings.

According to one student's mother, the teacher taught the students that “the Afghans did this because they hate all of us and want to kill all of us.”

The El Paso Independent School District confirmed to hat students were asked to draw pictures of 9/11 and said in a statement: “EPISD is very concerned about the images that were drawn in response to a lesson on the events of September 11. District and campus administrators are investigating the specific assignment and are interviewing the personnel involved.”

“We regret the insensitivity that this action may have caused and wish to assure our community that we will act swiftly in this matter and will take any and all appropriate action. We extend our sincere apologies.”


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