Video: Suzanne Gilchrist Hits Man With Car, Blames Her Hormones

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In Falkirk, Scotland, Suzanne Gilchrist claims that her raging hormones caused her to plow down a pedestrian, Stuart Morris, on June 12, 2011, according to the Daily Mail.

Gilchrist allegedly ran into Morris at a shopping center while apparently trying to evade a security guard after stealing a bottle of aftershave.

A court saw CCTV footage (below), which shows how she had put Morris's life in danger. 

Morris apparently leapt onto the hood of the car, to avoid going under, and held on for a quarter mile.

Gilchrist plead guilty to assaulting Morris, failing to stop at stop signs and trying to throw Morris from her car, but she plead not guilty to stealing the bottle of aftershave.

Gilchrist's lawyer said the crazed driver “thought that she was pregnant and was obviously suffering from some sort of hormonal imbalance."


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