NYPD Cop Shoots, Kills Man Because of Road-Rage (Video)


Surveillance footage allegedly shows an off-duty NYPD police officer shoot and kill a man in a case of road-rage on July 4 (video below).

In the video, officer Wayne Isaacs is allegedly seen firing two shots through his car window at 37-year-old Delrawn Small who is standing outside of his car, the New York Post reports. 

Small collapsed and died in the street.

The footage, which does not have audio, shows Small cross two lanes of traffic to reach Isaacs’ car.

Isaacs then shoots Small, causing him to stagger back and lean against a car. He then falls to the ground and gets back up for a moment before collapsing once again.

Isaacs’ car moves forward a few feet before stopping. He gets out of the car and appears to be tucking his gun into his waistband as he approaches Small.

After pausing for a few seconds to look at Small on the ground, Isaacs returns to his vehicle.

He is then seen pacing and talking on the phone. Sources say he called 911.

Police alleged that Small got out of his car and punched Isaacs through his open car window, WCBS reported.

After being struck numerous times in the face and head, Isaacs reportedly feared for his life, causing him to pull out his weapon and fire three times.

Small’s wife and children, who were in his vehicle, witnessed the shooting.

“His wife was in the car with him,” Victor Dempsey, the victim’s brother said.  "His two kids were there. They were going to see fireworks up by whatever park is in the neighborhood.”

Isaacs shot Small in the head and chest with his service weapon, according to New York Post sources.

Dempsey believes the video shows Small was “point-blank murdered.”

The NYPD and state Attorney General’s Office are investigating the shooting.

Sources: Think of America/YouTube, New York Post, WCBS / Photo Credit: Handout Photo via WCBS

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