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Video Surfaces Of Incident Between Police Officer Jason Clegg And Firefighter George Madison Jr.

On Tuesday, Evansville, Indiana police officer Jason Clegg was cleared of any wrongdoing for his stop of firefighter and youth pastor George Madison Jr. To read a full report of the incident between Clegg and Madison click here.

Today, video has surfaced of the stop between Madison and Clegg. The video does not show the original confrontation between the two men, during which Madison had a taser pointed in his face while Clegg allegedly said “Don’t make me pull this trigger!”

However, the video does contain about 10 minutes of conversation between Madison, Clegg, and another officer. The men continuously disagree on whether the force used by Clegg was appropriate or excessive. Madison maintains that Clegg was out of line and told the officers that “the only thing that anyone wants is to be treated like a mother f***ing human.”

At a recent city council meeting, Evansville police chief Billy Bolin said the he does not believe race was a factor in the confrontation. He also reiterated that all Evansville officers are told to act respectfully to citizens during their interactions with them.

“If you talk to any officer on the department, the two words I’ve pounded into their heads over and over is, be nice. Treat people right, and be nice. … I don’t think it’s a matter of (training); all of them know what they’re supposed to do.”

Here is the video of Madison and Clegg’s discussion after the arrest:

Sources: The Blaze, YouTube


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