Video: Substitute Teacher Took 'Up Skirt' Pictures of Female Students, Posted Pics on Reddit.com

An unidentified substitute teacher at East Coweta High School in Sharpsburg, Georgia, reportedly took 'up skirt' and other types of pictures of young girls in his class and posted them on the popular social media site Reddit.com (video below).

The pictures were posted in a Reddit.com forum called “CreepShots,” where men post pictures they took of unsuspecting women.

Another Reddit.com user in the CreepShots forum claimed to know one of the girls in a photo allegedly published by the substitute teacher and said: “I know that girl, and I know which teacher you are. I hope you’re looking forward to getting fired, you creepy *sshole.”

My Fox Atlanta reported that school officials called the Coweta County Sheriff's Office to investigate the substitute teacher. They say he hasn't been allowed in a class since the allegations.

Reddit.com is notorious for its sex forums, but Reddit’s management said months ago that it was trying to ban material that sexualizes children, reports RawStory.com.


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