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Video: Student Club Plans 'Anti-Thanksgiving Potluck' at University of Virginia

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While most people are preparing turkeys for Thanksgiving, an “anti-Thanksgiving potluck” is planned for Monday night at the University of Virginia (video below).

The event, hosted by the American Indian Student Union [AISU], plans to “discuss Thanksgiving from a Native American perspective” over the potluck dinner.

AISU president Katelyn Krause told NBC 29 that the event was "basically a get-together over food to discuss a native's perspective on Thanksgiving, the history behind it, what role Native Americans played in Thanksgiving, contrast that with the typical American view of Thanksgiving."

In addition to the anti-Thanksgiving potluck, the AISU will be hosting a screening of 'The Only Good Indian,' a film which shows how Native Americans were forced to accept white American society.

Nicole Bailey, Executive-in-Chief of the campus paper The Virginia Advocate, told CampusReform.org: "They think that by doing events that put down what people understand to be modern American’s realization of the American dream and American story is a way to raise awareness about the less glamorous parts of America’s history. That’s frankly not true."

Marian Anderfursen, Director of Media Relations for the University of Virginia, said: "Our students are engaged in issues and they explore a lot of different ideas and we support that."


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