Video: Student Caleb Jones Beat on School Bus, After His Mom Fights to Make Bus Rides Free

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Mom Lora Hoagland fought to make bus rides to and from Franklin Township schools free for all families, but in a strange twist of fate, the Indiana mom's son was beat up on a bus, reports the Daily Mail.

Hoagland's 14-year-old son Caleb Jones reportedly sat in the seat of a violent 15-year-old who assaulted Jones.

The beating was captured on a cell phone video (below), which was posted on Facebook by the attacker, who wrote "'lmao dat lil [expletive] dat wassnt nun i hit him three times nun major yaa-noo."

Thanks to his online public confession, the attacker was arrested for battery and disorderly conduct, and suspended from school, reports the Indy Star. Caleb was taken to the hospital and had to get three staples in his head.

Hoagland told ABC News: "[The video] cut through me like a knife. No mother wants to see her kid get beat up on for standing up for what's right. 'I taught my son to stand up for what's right, but no mother should have to witness that. No kid should have to go through that."

Hoagland later wrote on Facebook: "Someone will pay, in more ways than one. They have woke up a screaming giant."


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