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Video: Stephen Colbert Speculates Oprah and Lance Armstrong are Having Sex

During 'The Colbert Report' last night, host Stephen Colbert speculated about Oprah Winfrey‘s  interview with cyclist Lance Armstrong, as the details have been withheld so far. Colbert speculated the two were having sex (video below).

Colbert said: “Security around the interview has been tighter than Lance’s pants, so we know absolutely nothing about it. So, of course, all the cable news networks are reporting about it."

 “Lady O refuses to release any clip at all to the news media. But, instead, she sat down with her best friend Gale’s best CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Rose to give us her reaction to what she won’t tell us Lance Armstrong said.”

Colbert then said it was his a duty as a journalist was make something up: “Ladies and gentlemen, Lance Armstrong… is banging Oprah.”

Colbert then aired out-of-context quotes to back up his false claim, reports


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