Video: Stefanie Stasse, Orlando Vet Technician, Fired For Slamming Dog Into Wall


Stefanie Stasse, an Orlando, Fla., vet technician at Emergency Pet Hospital of Orlando, lost her job after a video of her slamming an aggressive dog against a wall went viral and found its way to local TV.

“Veterinarian Dr. Mohammad Hassan, owner of the emergency pet hospital, said not only did Stasse ask someone to take the video, but it's not what it seems,” according to Florida's WFTV.

"She was actually asked to record the video by the person who was handling the dog because this dog already became very, very aggressive," Hassan said.

Hassan also told the station the person who posted the video on YouTube left out several minutes of footage showing Stasse trying to help the dog, which allegedly injured two people before she intervened. Even though the video was posted Wednesday, Hassan said it is actually from a year and a half ago, before he became the owner of the hospital.

However, Stasse was soon fired, and Hassan posted the following message to the hospital’s Facebook page:

“I want to apologize to all of the pet owners and animal lovers who were rightly shocked by the cruelty on the video," he wrote. "I was similarly shocked and sickened. We will go forward in the upcoming weeks and months working hard to clear the name of this facility, which believes in the ethical treatment and care of animals, and works tirelessly against their mistreatment.”

Sources: WFTV, Facebook


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