Video: SpongeBob Fights 2 Women in Hollywood


A man dressed as SpongeBob Squarepants on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles got into a scuffle yesterday.  A Los Angeles Police Department official described it as a "brief incident with two females."

In true LAPD fashion, police arrived in droves and the man and the two women were ordered to lean against a bus and searched.

SpongeBob was questioned, but not arrested. The two young women involved, both with pink hair, seemed to enjoy the conflict and no one was reported hurt.

The man was one of many folks who dress up as a well-known character and then pose for pictures with tourists; the characters are not allowed to ask for a donation, but it is generally understood that's why they are there.

However, according to police, there have been several run-ins recently where this character has aggressively demanded money after the photo has been taken. Police did not say if that was the case in this incident.

The SpongeBob drama comes hot on the heels of a man dressed as Gumby trying and failing to rob a 7-Eleven convenience store.


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