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Video: South Carolina State Sen. Katrina Shealy Offers Free Gun Training for Teachers

South Carolina State Senator Katrina Shealy (R) announced yesterday that she will be offering free concealed weapon permit classes to teachers and school officials in February at the Mid-Carolina Rifle Club, reports WLTX-TV (video below).

Shealy told WLTX-TV that teachers needed to be armed because "you can't beat [intruders] off with a stick. You can't fight a gun with a desk." Shealy is also proposing a bill that will allow teachers to bring their weapons to school.

Shealy said in a statement: “In light of the tremendous tragedy at Sandy Hook, it is imperative we do all we can to keep our children safe and our schools secure. These CWP classes will go a long way in ensuring good, law-abiding educators are competent, safe, and well-instructed in the legal carrying and use of firearms.”

Shealy said that armed guards at schools wasn’t enough to stop mass shootings and that's why teachers should be locked and loaded: “You can have an armed guard in every school and that is not going to stop this from happening, because that guard may be in the gym when this guy comes in the back door."


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