Video: Soledad O'Brien and Andrew Breitbart's Rep Get Heated

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When Andrew Breitbart's posthumous bomb hit the web on Wednesday, the media -- and its audience -- responded with a collective yawn. Turns out the supposedly "explosive" tape of President Obama speaking in support of a Harvard Law Professor wasn't actually all that damaging or even interesting, for that matter.

Eager to defend Breitbart's legacy, Joel Pollak, editor for the late conservative commentator's website, took to the airwaves to explain just why we should all find this minute-long clip so offensive.

Watch below as Pollak tries to convince CNN's Soledad O'Brien that the 30-year-old Obama in the clip is actually a radical afro-socialist hate monger trying to incite the killing of whitey.

Pollak's entire line of reasoning relies on Professor Derrick Bell's connection to a school of legal thought known as "critical race theory."

O'Brien criticizes Pollak's interpretation of the theory and repeatedly asks the right-wing editor to explain just why he thinks the clip is so damning. Pollak proceeds to accuse O'Brien of obfuscating the truth about critical race theory.

"When he was a professor at University of Chicago [Obama] forced his students to read Derrick Bell," Pollack exclaims.

"Lots of law students read Derrick Bell," quips O'Brien.

The whole thing goes downhill from there. See it for yourself:


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