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Video: Six-Year-Old Girl Drives Mom's Car to See Her Dad

On Sunday morning, a six-year-old girl from Pittsburgh took her mother's car for a drive in a desperate attempt to see her father who lived across town.

The child snuck out of her house with her mother's keys around 9am on Sunday. 

She started up the BMW and drove about half a mile on extremely icy roads before she collided with two parked cars and hit a utility pole. 

A neighbor was shoveling snow when he saw her driving and coming towards him on Stanton Avenue.

"I thought she was going to hit me, but then she stopped just in time, and as I observed, she was this little kid," Rommie Hawkins said. 

"I was like, 'Stop, stop, stop.' She looked at me, and she took back off and she stopped again, so I started running up the hill, telling her to stop, and she was going and stopping, going and stopping."

Once her mother woke up, she saw her daughter and car were missing and called police. 

The car came to a stop at the utility pole and the girl left the vehicle without injury, but started crying and asking for her dad. 

Police Sgt. Jerry Parker said, "The girl decided she wanted to visit her father, who lived in a different location. She picked up the car keys and got in the car and drove away. How she knew how to operate a car - your guess is as good as mine."

The police called her father, who she wanted to see, and he met them at the scene of the accident. 

They are still investigating the matter and have yet to decide whether charges will be pressed against the mother for allowing the girl to leave the house. 

Though it seems impossible, this isn't the first time a small child has drove a car without being seriously injured. 

A seven-year-old Florida boy took his grandmother's SUV for a drive in 2008. He hit two mailboxes, two parked cars and two oncoming cars before he was stopped.



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