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Video: Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Asks Members Who They Want to Rape

The University of Vermont has temporarily suspended the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon after one their members sent out a survey asking members who they would like to rape (video below).

Sigma Phi Epsilon was already on probation for alcohol abuses, but this incident caused university authorities to contact the national fraternity and the police.

The survey began with ordinary questions like major and favorite memories, the final question asked: “If I could rape someone, who would it be?”

According to student blogs, the survey was leaked when one Sigma Phi Epsilon brother mistakenly emailed it to a teaching assistant, WCAX reported.

Vice President for Student and Campus Life Thomas J. Gustafson told The Burlington Free Press that the matter had been forwarded to police to determine if a crime was committed.

The national fraternity released a statement on Tuesday saying they were aware of “a document that included several inappropriate questions.”

“The Fraternity has instructed the chapter to cease all operations, pending further investigation,” the statement said. “Any behavior that demeans women is not tolerated by the Fraternity.”

An online petition calling for UVM to disband Sigma Phi Epsilon had over 2,000 signatures by Wednesday afternoon.

“This egregious expression of rape culture is only the most recent example of systemic sexism at UVM,” the petition charged. “The past year alone has witnessed rape, multiple sexual assaults, and anti-abortion chalking in public spaces. While the university administration has laid off long-time Women’s and Gender Studies faculty and supported sexist institutions like Sigma Phi Epsilon, it has refused to take concerted action to combat sexism and rape culture.”


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