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Female Football Fan Seen Using Urinal, Holding A Beer (Video)

Female Football Fan Seen Using Urinal, Holding A Beer (Video) Promo Image

In a viral video, a woman was seen urinating in a mens bathroom at a Miami Dolphins game.

The woman, who has not been identified, reportedly headed to the mens' bathroom when the line for the women's room was too long. She can be seen holding a beer and holding onto the wall in front of a urinal with her shorts pulled down, according to Daily Mail. The graphic video can be seen below.

The incident reportedly took place at the Hard Rock Stadium during an Oct. 22 game between the Dolphins and the New York Jets.

As the woman urinated at the urinal, men cheered and gave her high-fives. The at the next urinal over from the woman continued to urinate.

It's not known whether the woman had a standing urination device to allow her to pee at the urinal.

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Several social media accounts posted the video, including Billy Corben, who captioned the footage, "NSFW: Miami woman pees in men's room urinal at Sunday's Dolphin-Jets game at Hard Rock Stadium because Miami (and New York)."

Football podcast Laces Out Now also posted the clip, adding the caption, "Miami is officially a football town, folks." 

The clip gained many comments from sports fans who made jokes about the woman's antics, according to The Daily Star.

"Well, you know how long the line is for the women's bathroom," wrote one commenter. "At least she didn't drop her beer, that would have been a travesty!"

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"At $16 a beer," commented another. "I respect her holding that beer in the air!"

The Dolphins defeated the Jets at the game, SB Nation reports, dampening the Jets' playoff hopes. Dolphins starting quarterback Jay Cutler also reportedly suffered an injury to his chest/ribs during the game, and received an X-ray and possible MRI that night.

The Dolphins went on to suffer a loss against the Baltimore Ravens on Oct. 26, according to Sports Illustrated.

During that game, a cat ran across the field, as the commentators followed and narrated the cat's movements. The Ravens posted a clip of the cat bounding across the field, with the caption, "Here, kitty kitty."

Dolphins backup quarterback Matt Moore commented on the current season, saying it had been "crazy.

"Crazy," said Moore. "There's no other word for it. Who can explain this? Who can explain this season?"

He added that, as the team's backup quarterback, much of what happened was "out of [his] hands."

"When they got Jay, obviously it was tough for me, because I wanted to play," said Moore. "But I know how this game works. I wasn't going to be miserable. That's not who I am. I hit it off with Jay, and we've gotten along great, and whatever happens, I'll deal with it. It's good."

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