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Woman Drags Dog Behind Car In Hawaii (Video)

Woman Drags Dog Behind Car In Hawaii (Video) Promo Image

Footage of a woman using her car to drag a dog for at least two blocks has gone viral (video below).

The incident took place in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Dec. 15, and was captured on video by Johnny Cheng's dash cam, the Daily Mail reported. Cheng posted the 40-second clip on YouTube that same day.

In the video, Cheng is seen stopping at a red light when a vehicle passes by with something tied to its bumper. It is unclear what it is at first, but when Cheng turns to drive up behind the vehicle, a dog is seen being dragged along the road.

The driver pulls over at the next light and steps out of the vehicle. Another pedestrian is seen running toward the dog before the video cuts. The dog appears to be standing on its own after being dragged across the street.

The driver of the vehicle has not been identified at this time. Several social media users were outraged by the driver's actions.

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"Please give this to the police so that she can go to jail for animal cruelty and have her dog taken away," wrote one YouTube user.

"What was her excuse?!" asked another.

"She didn't say anything and drove off," Cheng answered.

"Not with the dog still tied I hope?" the user responded. "Did she at least take the dog with her?"

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"The Dog was in her car (she put the dog in the back seat) after we (few cars) chase her down by the traffic light," Cheng explained.

Other users were upset with the way Cheng handled the situation.

"She is crazy?? YOU are crazy for not 1) calling 911 and 2) blowing your horn, pulling this woman over, doing something to stop the car," one user wrote. "Instead, like a PO* (and) coward, you follow her and let this dog continue to be harmed. You are no better (than) the idiot driving."

"Call 911 I did, line was very busy. they called me back 30 minutes after she already gone," Cheng responded.

Still, users felt Cheng could have done more.

"Johnny Cheng, why are you posting this video? Is it  just to get likes?" asked another user. "Why don't you DO SOMETHING. You said you called 911. Did you call again? Keep calling."

"Plus call the local SPCA and other rescue groups," the user added. "You got her license plate number?! Stop being a f**king bystander w/ a camera and save that dog. I can't do anything from where I am but you can…"

Sources: Daily Mail, Johnny Cheng/YouTube / Featured Image: Hermann Luyken/Commons Wikimedia / Embedded Images: YouTube via Daily Mail

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