Dentist Allegedly Grabs Pizza After Killing Child (Photos)

Footage shows one Oklahoma dentist grabbing a slice of pizza after killing his lover's 19-month-old son.

Bert Franklin, 35, was arrested in July for first-degree murder after he reportedly slammed Lincoln Van Henry Lewis' head into the ground, the Daily Mail reports.

While surveillance footage does not clearly show the exact moment he allegedly killed the child, it does show how he acted before and after the murder.

Franklin, who is married with four children, was walking around the house of his mistress, Roxanne Randall. Randall did not know Franklin was married at the time.

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He was carrying baby Lincoln before he walked into another room. Later Franklin can be seen kicking something on the floor.

As the video continues, one can see a limp Lincoln lying in Franklin's arms as he walks toward the kitchen, reportedly for a pizza.

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His mother would only notice something was wrong at 2 a.m., when he would not wake up to feed.

Baby Lincoln was immediately hospitalized and doctors called police as the injuries appeared to be inflicted by abuse.

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While motives are being investigated, Lincoln's mother later explained Randall had an aggressive streak and was becoming increasingly controlling.

He hated the baby's father and threatened to kill him, "skin him in Bricktown," and cut off his penis.

Since then, a GoFundMe page has been created to help the mother pay for her baby's expenses.

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"We were all devastated to hear of the terrible news that sweet Lincoln had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away," writes Diantha McDonald.

"As if the emotional pain isn’t enough to face in this time, Roxy is also faced with expenses," she adds. "So, we started this campaign to help alleviate some of this burden for her, so that she can focus on healing and grieving her sweet Lincoln."

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Strangers and loved ones alike were moved, and many have donated.

"Our hearts are breaking for you in the loss of this precious, precious child," writes one donator. "His smile captured my heart after seeing his beautiful picture. May this sweet little angel rest well with God and never know pain and suffering."

Sources: Daily MailLincoln's Memorial Fund/​GoFundMe / Photo credit: Lincoln's Memorial Fund/​GoFundMe, KFOR via Daily Mail, Facebook via Daily Mail

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