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Video Allegedly Shows Teacher Punching, Stomping on 13-Year-Old Student

A physical education teacher was caught allegedly attacking a 13-year-old student on camera in October 2013.

Now, teacher Larry Brown is facing charges for simple battery and simple assault.

The incident occurred in Jeanerette Senior High School in Louisiana. The video shows a student in a white t-shirt walking down a school hallway.

Brown approaches the student, and the student can be seen attempting to back away.

According to court records, the teacher then pushes the student into a corner, punches him between the legs and stomps on him.

After the incident, Brown faced minimal consequences: the teacher was placed on one week of paid suspension, which was followed by one week of unpaid suspension. After the two weeks’ absence, he was allowed to return to the school.

The student reportedly changed schools to avoid further contact with the teacher.

The student’s mother, Rachel Ward, has also noted that her son had previously been attacked. Ward said that her son had told her that was “tired of going to that class, I am not his punching bag.”

Notably, Ward alleges that her son had complained to an administrator about the incident. No action, however, was taken until Ward pressed charges.

Brown is scheduled to appear in court on June 19.

Sources: JRN, KATC

Photo Sources:, Vancouver Sun


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