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Principal Holds Boy's Head Down As Officer Tasers Him (Video)

A video (below) shows a principal holding a 15-year-old student's head down as a school officer uses a stun gun on him in Pennsylvania.

Woodland Hills High School student Ahmad Williams was allegedly attacked in March 2015, The Washington Post reports.

A teacher sent Williams to the principal's officer over a disagreement when Churchill Police Officer Steve Shaulis approached him.

Shaulis, who is not employed by the school, allegedly taunted the boy before grabbing him by the collar and putting him in a chokehold.

At that point, Woodland Hills High School Principal Kevin Murray reportedly held the boy's head down as the officer used the stun gun on the boy and handcuffed him. Shaulis allegedly continued to assault the teen.

"The child was later charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct," civil rights attorney Todd Hollis said. "After presenting the attached video in court, the student’s charge for resisting arrest was dismissed."

Hollis is representing the boy and two other students in similar cases at the same school.

"They’re assaulting children," Hollis later said. "They’re violating children’s civil and constitutional rights."

Murray also reportedly threatened a second student, while the school officer allegedly hit a third.

"You call me a b****, I’m going to f***ing punch you in the face," Murray allegedly told one student. "Man to man, bro. I don’t care if you’re f***ing 14 years old or not, I will punch you in your face and, when we go down to court, it’s your word versus mine, and mine wins every time."

While Murray was put on administrative leave, he was eventually reinstated.

Later on, Shaulis allegedly threw another student, 14-year-old Que’chawn Wade, into the wall before punching him in the face.

News of the alleged attacks outraged many on social media.

"Our most vulnerable citizens are being assaulted, and this has got to stop," wrote one person on The Washington Post's Facebook page. "I hope the parents are consulting their lawyers."

"The principal should be arrested and put in county jail, at least," added another. "What the kid said is irrelevant. The cop should also be fired, not only for the physical assault but for his false claim that the boy was 'resisting arrest.' All this is a terrible example of misuse of authority."

Others opted to held off on making a judgment, arguing there is not enough evidence to show the school officials were guilty.

"You don't know the history," wrote one person about Williams. "You don't know if he was passive, or threatening to other students and adults. Sometimes drastic measures for drastic behavior has merit. Many students are out of control."

"As a former teacher who has been witness to violent incidents involving students, I'd like to point out that it is very difficult to judge any of this without audio," wrote another, agreeing violence is something necessary if the student cannot be subdued any other way.

Sources: The Washington Post, The Washington Post/Facebook / Photo credit: Reeseflynn/Wikimedia Commons

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