Video Shows Police Officer Needlessly Slamming Man To Ground, Lying About It (Video)


Squad car video out of Webster, Texas shows a police officer needlessly slamming a man to the ground and accusing the man of trying to fight him. The victim is seen clearly on the video not resisting the officer and complying with his orders before being slammed.

The incident starts when a Webster Police Department officer pulls over the victim. The victim admits to a past marijuana arrest when asked about his record. He also admits to still occasionally smoking weed. When the officer asks if he can search the car, the victim consents and informs the officer that his gun is in the car. The officer then asks the man to get out of the car, and he complies.

The victim is asked to put his hands on the roof of his car, and he does. The officer asks if he can search the man’s pockets, and he lets him. Next, the officer asks the victim where he works. He chooses not to answer. That’s when things go downhill.

Seemingly without reason, the officer tells the man he is going to jail. When the confused victims turns around just the slightest bit to ask why he is being arrested, the officer turns him back around and says “Don’t fight with me.”

The victim then says “Wait, wait. Why am I going to jail?” The officer yells back “Don’t fight with me!” and slams the man to the ground. As the man is on the ground, the officer repeatedly says “Don’t resist!”

Each time, the frightened sounding victim says “I’m not resisting.”

When help arrives at the scene, the officer concocts a bold-faced lie. He tells other officers that the victim tried to fight him. At the 7:01 mark he says the man hit him on his knee. At the 7:35 mark he re-enacts his account of what happened, and claims the victim tried to punch him. The video proves both claims are completely false.

The victim was taken into custody and charged with resisting arrest. 

Here is the footage:

If the victim is to be believed, the officer is not on the Webster Police force anymore. The man left a comment under the video saying “He has already been fired due to a similar case like mine except the victim died...Him and 2 other officers were involved. I am fighting to get it expunged from my record and to get my money back considering I was falsely arrested.”

Source: YouTube


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