Video Shows Police Dog Attacking Man, Pulling Officer Along

The Somerset, UK police department is responding to allegations of police brutality as a YouTube video shows one of their police dogs brutally attacking a detained man.

In the video clip, the man is laying shirtless on the ground as police yell at him. He rises up on to his arms at one point, and a police dog – who was only being restrained with one arm by police – lunges forward and bites his neck. An officer is dragged forward by the dog and unsuccessfully tries to release the dog’s bite.

Onlookers scream in horror as the seemingly out of control dog bites the man. Here is the short clip:

The video has been viewed over 50,000 times. Comments on the video have led Somerset investigators to look further into what went wrong in the officer’s handling of the dog.

“During this incident, a man was bitten by a police dog as he was being arrested,” said Louisa Rolfe, the Assistant Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset police. “We are aware of a YouTube clip and comments on social media channels about this incident. The incident has been referred to our Professional Standards Department for thorough investigation as we are keen to understand what happened.”

Rolfe says the man was being arrested for his role in a “large fight” that took place prior to the dog attacking him. She says “the YouTube clip is only a few seconds long and doesn’t show events before or after the arrest.”

Rolfe reiterated that the department will be looking into whether the use of the dog was “appropriate and necessary.”

Source: The Independent


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