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Video Shows Officers Shooting Suspect Outside Oregon 7-Eleven

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Due to the deaths of unarmed people like Ferguson’s Michael Brown and Staten Island’s Eric Garner, instances of police violence are being more widely reported on a larger scale. “Hands up, don’t shoot,” has become a rallying cry for protesters around the nation, and the family members of Juventino Bermudez Arenas claim that their relative surrendered by placing his hands in the air before he was gunned down by officers outside a 7-Eleven in McMinnville, Oregon, last month. 

A call for officers to be equipped with body cameras has also been a major talking point in recent weeks, especially considering witness accounts of Michael Brown’s shooting have been inconsistent and refuted. In the case of Arenas, the shooting was captured on a squad car’s dashboard camera. 

The interaction between the officers and Arenas begins at 6:45, and it shows Arenas with his hands raised as the cops yell at him to drop his weapon. He was wielding a knife. Although Arenas complies with the officers’ request to raise his hands, he does not drop the weapon and appears to be inching slightly towards them. In response, three of the officers fire 15 bullets and kill Arenas where he was standing. 

According to the Blaze, Yamhill County District Attorney Brad Berry described Arenas as a “lethal threat.” The officers had been responding to a call of a stabbing that took place at the 7-Eleven earlier, in which Arenas allegedly murdered a college student named Parker Moore. Berry described the stabbing as a random act of violence and claimed the investigation was “basically over.”

Sources: The Blaze, KGW / Photo Credit: The Blaze


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