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Video Shows Injured Baltimore Police Officer Being Taken Away From Riots (Video)

The death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray has ignited violent riots and looting in Baltimore over the last few days. Gray died while in police custody.

According to Yahoo News, Gray’s family lawyer said he died after 80 percent of his spine was severed during the arrest on April 19. Video shows police dragging Gray’s limp body to a police van, where they put him in the back without buckling him in.

Police admitted Gray asked for medical assistance after he was arrested, but was not tended to until at least 30 minutes later. Police also confirmed the van made at least three unexplained and unplanned stops on the way to the police station.

The six officers in the case have been suspended with pay during an internal investigation.

Protests have been held in Baltimore since Gray’s death, but they took a violent turn over the weekend. Rioting and looting broke out after Gray’s funeral service on April 27.

Police in riot gear used tear gas on protestors as the mobs threw rocks, bottles and bricks at police. At least seven officers were injured, one of which was "unresponsive."

Several police and civilian cars were set on fire during the riots and many storefronts were looted.

A bystander video shows one of the injured policemen being taken away.

Baltimore police spokesman Captain Eric Kowalczyk told reporters, “We have seven officers injured during the course of this. They have broken bones; one is unresponsive.”

Pastor Jamal Bryant, who delivered the eulogy at Gray's funeral, expressed his displeasure with the violence.

“Today of all days, the family was clear this was a day of sacred closure,” he stated. “So for us to come out of the burial and walk into this is absolutely inexcusable. I'm asking every young person to go back home.”

Sources: Yahoo News, The Daily Caller

Photo Source: Screenshot



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