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Watch: Skydiver Escapes After Jumpsuit Gets Caught On Plane Step (Video)

A video (shown below) has surfaced of a skydiver hanging beneath a plane after his jumpsuit got caught on a step.

The man was stuck under the plane for around 30 minutes, according to Daily Mail.

The man, identified in the video as Fernando, attempted to set himself free as the aircraft circled around, and was finally able to cut his jumpsuit free using a hook knife.

Witnesses noticed the skydiver from the ground and began filming the incident.

The man went into a free fall, but he was able to deploy his reserve parachute and land safely on the ground.

The man is seen at the end of the video sitting on the ground as a medical team comes to help. They wrap him in a blanket and treat his injuries.

The clip ends with a man holding up the jumpsuit to the camera.

The only reported injury suffered by the man was a small cut on his hand from the hook knife.

Sources: Daily Mail, First To Know / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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