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Video Shows 'Horrific' Condition Of Animal Control Shelter (Video)

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Video filmed by a dog owner, posted below, shows the horrifying conditions inside of a Detroit, Michigan, Animal Control shelter. 

Veronica Seward said her family dog died on Saturday from the canine parvovirus, as a result of neglect from the shelter’s employees. When she went to the shelter and discovered her dog, named Major, lying inside of a cage on top of his own feces. 

The video shows the cage where Major was held dripping with good. 

“There was blood seeping out and down the ... drain,” she said. “If I can get a ticket for neglecting my dog, you should get a ticket for neglecting my dog, because that is what happened here."

After discovering the condition Major was in, Seward rushed her dog to an emergency veterinarian for treatment. Despite efforts, Major was not able to be saved.

According to Seward, Major was taken by Detroit Animal Control for biting a young child’s grandmother after chasing the child. The injuries were reportedly not serious. Seward received citations for harboring a vicious dog, having an unlicensed dog and failure to provide a leash. Major was seized by Animal Control 18 hours after the incident occurred.

“Dog Aide has been involved with talks with the Detroit Police Department in terms of addressing concerns regarding the treatment,” Dog Aide, an animal rights group, said in a statement.

“We are glad to participate in the collective subcommittees assigned to creating solutions, and hope that soon we can have humane sheltering standards and best practices in place. The wheels of government move slowly, but the animals in that facility cannot wait. We advise all owners who have a dog at DAC currently on impound to be advised that parvovirus is present in that shelter and decontamination protocols are not being followed."

Watch the disturbing video below.

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