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Burglar Violently Drags Teen Inside House (Video)

Burglar Violently Drags Teen Inside House (Video) Promo Image

Surveillance video (below) shows the terrifying moment a 17-year-old girl was dragged inside her home during a violent daytime robbery.

The girl was outside her home in Riverside, California, at approximately 2 p.m. on Aug. 26, tending to her small dog, according to KNBC. She says she was approached by a woman and the two began engaging in small talk.

As the girl began walking back inside her home, she says the woman followed, along with a man. 

"He grabbed a mask and pulled it down in front of his face," said the girl's sister, who only wanted to be referred to under the alias "Nicole" out of fear for her safety. "They had a hatchet to her face when they had her in a headlock."

Video shows the male suspect violently pushing the girl into the front door, which was unlocked and opened upon impact. The two fell over the threshold, with the man landing on top of the teen and her dog. During the struggle, he is able to shut the door.

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Nicole said that's when he held a hatchet to her sister's face to keep her still. 

Moments later, another man, wearing a neon yellow safety vest, reportedly entered the house. While the man with the hatchet held the teen down, the other two ransacked the house, allegedly taking cash, jewelry and other valuables. On their way out, one burglar can be seen wiping down the door, possibly to remove any fingerprints.

"[They took] about $5,000 in cash," said the girls' mother, who asked to be identified as "Lynn." "We were going to buy my daughter a new car."

Nicole says her sister is physically fine but still emotionally reeling from the burglary. The ordeal reportedly left her traumatized and she is now afraid to be left alone in her own home.

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"I know that when she's alone it gets her the most," she said. "Being alone is terrifying now." 

The Riverside Police Department is asking for the public's help in identifying the three suspects. In a Facebook post, officers posted a description of the three alleged burglars, as well as their getaway cars.

Police say the "suspects were last seen leaving in a dark colored 4-door sedan, possible Chevy, and a red 2-door muscle car, possibly a Chevy Camaro."

All three suspects were black. The woman was described as in her 20s, around 5 feet tall and weighing around 150 pounds. The second man was described as in his 40s with facial hair.

Detectives are still looking into whether this was a targeted robbery.

Sources: KNBC, Riverside Police Department/Facebook / Featured Image: Ryan McGilchrist/Flickr / Embedded Images: Riverside Police Department via Daily Mail

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