Delaware Police Fatally Shoot Wheelchair-Bound Man (Video)


A video (below) has surfaced that shows police in Wilmington, Delaware, fatally shooting a man in a wheelchair.

The man was identified as 28-year-old Jeremy McDole by CNN. He was armed and reportedly suicidal, according to NBC Philadelphia.

The video, recorded by a witness using a smartphone and uploaded to YouTube, shows a man being shot multiple times in what appears to be a residential area.

Police said they were responding to a 911 call on Sept. 23, which alerted them to a man suffering from a possibly self-inflicted gunshot wound.

When officers arrived on the scene, they repeatedly yelled at McDole, who was paralyzed from the waist down, to drop his gun. McDole did not do so, prompting the officers to fire a barrage of bullets at him.

"He pulled out his gun. He was trying to shoot himself up there," witness Sean Owens told NBC Philadelphia. "I think he may have shot himself once or twice, but he shot the other shots in the air."

McDole died at the scene.

The video shows an officer, armed with a shotgun, shouting at McDole, sitting in his wheelchair, to show his hands. One gunshot can be heard, but it is unclear who fired the shot as the camera pans to the ground at that moment.

"Show me your hands! Drop the gun! Drop the gun!" officers shout at McDole repeatedly as he moves slightly in his wheelchair. Then more police arrive on the scene.

The handgun witnesses and police say McDole was holding cannot be made out in the video.

As McDole adjusts himself in the wheelchair, it appears he is bleeding profusely. It remains unclear whether the blood is from an injury he had previously sustained or from the gunshot heard in the video.

After almost a minute, McDole can be seen placing his hand in his pocket, resulting in a fresh wave of gunfire.

At least 10 gunshots can be heard in the video, but the shooters cannot be seen as they are blocked from the camera's view by a wall.

After the officers stop firing, McDole can be seen rolling to his left and falling onto the ground.

Wilmington Police Chief Bobby Cummings told NBC Philadelphia he believes the officers acted professionally.

"The officers perceived what was a threat and they responded and they engaged," he said.

Four officers were involved in the shooting. They have all been placed on leave.

But McDole's family has questioned the officers' use of deadly force.

"Why couldn't you tase this man out of his wheelchair?" his sister, Letesha Green asked. "Why couldn't you use rubber bullets to get him out of the wheelchair?"

At a news conference on Sept. 24, Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams promised that the family "will be notified step-by-step throughout the investigation" and agreed with the deceased man's mother, Phyllis McDole, when he said, "We want answers."

Sources: NBC Philadelphia, CNN / Photo credit: Screenshot via NBC Philadelphia


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