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Clip Shows Officer Holding Gun To Unarmed Man's Head (Video)

Body cam video (below) shows a North Carolina police officer holding a gun to the head of an unarmed man during his arrest, as the officer warns, "I will kill you."

James Yarborough said he believes police used excessive force during his arrest on March 26, 2016, according to the Daily Mail. The incident, which happened in Charlotte, began when police stopped the car Yarborough was a passenger in, saying the car was wanted for involvement in a series of larcenies.

Yarborough reportedly ran from the vehicle, according to WBTV, and officers chased after him. Officers reportedly struggled with him for about four minutes before putting him in handcuffs.

As police struggled with Yarborough, an officer, identified as Jon Dunham, pointed his gun at Yarborough, and said, "I will kill you, you understand? Give me your hand, now!"

A few moments later, an officer reportedly used a stun gun on Yarborough, along with officers hitting the man in the back, neck and head.

"The only thing I did wrong that day was run," said Yarborough. "That is the only thing I did wrong that day. I regret running."

Yarborough said when Dunham held the gun to his head, he feared for his life. "That moment felt like -- it felt like it might have been my last day," he said. "I knew it was over. I just knew it was over."

"Even now I sweat in my sleep," he said. "I wake up looking out the window because I'm like, 'They're coming to get me again.'"

Yarborough, who was previously convicted for illegal firearm possession, said the man who had been driving the car that day had offered to sell him a pistol, and so he decided to run instead of being caught with the weapon.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Maj. Stella Patterson defended the officers' use of force as "reasonable," saying they believed that Yarborough had a weapon.

"Officer Dunham and other officers attempted to arrest the suspect who was resisting and refused officers commands to comply and show them both of his hands to ensure that he did not have a gun," said the department in a statement. "Officer Dunham subsequently drew his service weapon and pointed it at the suspect in order to gain compliance and place him under arrest."

The statement went on to say that an internal investigation found that Dunham's use of force had not violated department policies.

The department added that it had been recommended that Dunham receive additional verbal communication training, but that the officer had resigned from the department.

Sources: Daily Mail, WBTV / Photo credit: Jobs For Felons Hub/Flickr

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