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Video: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Claims He "Saved" 6-Year-Old Immigrant by Arresting Her

Appearing on Fox News on Sunday, Maricopa Country Sheriff Joe Arpaio claimed that he “saved” a 6-year-old girl, who he believes was brought to the country illegally, by arresting her.

He falsely claimed the 6-year-old was "unaccompanied," when she was arrested as part of a group of adults.

Opposing Views reported last week that Sheriff’s Arpaio office had arrested the 6-year-old on the very day that President Barack Obama announced a new policy halting the deportations of many young immigrants.

Sheriff Arpaio said: “I don’t think I did a Fast and Furious in reverse and arranged these 15 smugglers with a girl that is unaccompanied, nobody knows who she is, where she’s from, into the United States of Amerca. I enforce the illegal immigration laws every day, Geraldo. So, that made a coincidence.”

“I should be thanked by that congresswoman that you just had on for saving this girl. That’s what they should be doing, these activists that don’t like me enforcing the illegal immigration laws, including the president who mentioned me several months ago on the 1070 [anti-immigrant law] and what I’m doing.”

Sheriff Arpaio also promised to continue arresting young immigrants regardless of the president’s new immigration policy: “I will continue to arrest illegal aliens that violate the state laws of this state. So, nothing will change. If we come across them again and they are in violation of any state law, they’re going to be arrested are put in jail in my jails, and I presume if they’re turned by over to the [federal] immigration, nothing will happen. So, that’s the system we have right now.”


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