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Video: Shena Hardin Drives on Sidewalk to Avoid Stopping for School Bus

Shena Hardin was recently caught on video (below) driving on a sidewalk in order to avoid having to stop for a school bus in Cleveland, Ohio.

Apparently, Hardin had pulled this trick many times before, so this time the school bus driver brought a video camera to record her. Police officers were stationed nearby in case she tried it again, which she did, reports the Associated Press.

The video shows her pulling up onto a sidewalk near a driveway in front of a day care center. Moments later, a waiting police car pulls her over.

Hardin was sentence by a judge, on Monday, to wear a sign: “Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus” for an hour for two days next week while standing at an intersection.

The judge also suspended Hardin's license for 30 days and fined her $250.


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