Video: Shanae Lewis Given Racist Receipt by Radio Shack

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In Hillandale, Maryland, Shanae Lewis bought a $20 cassette adapter at a Radio Shack, where the salesman told her about the five-cent bag tax in Montgomery County (video below).

Lewis had never heard of a tax as she lives in Baltimore, and went back and forth with the salesman for a few minutes about the bag tax.

She decided to get her money back for the adapter, but when the salesman gave her back her money, he also gave her a receipt for the refund, at the bottom of which he apparently typed in "ugly itch, ghettohood, usa, tattoville, Maryland."

Lewis told WTSP-TV that the salesman claimed he was only kidding, but she doesn't think it was funny: "I was shocked more so than anything, and then I became angry."

She called Radio Shack's corporate office in hopes of getting the salesman fired: "I want nothing to do with Radio Shack ever again."

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