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Video: See What It's Like to Walk Through NYC As a Woman

As part of an attempt to bring attention to the often-uninvited attention women are subjected to while walking alone, an anti-street harassment organization recently used a hidden camera to videotape an actress walking through city streets for ten hours.

The project was executed in conjunction by Hollaback!, an anti-street harassment organization, and the Rob Bliss Creative video marketing agency.

To catch all the footage, Rob Bliss outfitted a backpack with a hidden camera and walked across New York City streets for ten hours.

Following closely behind him was actress Shoshana B. Roberts, who was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt and holding a microphone in each hand.

Bliss’ camera caught men reacting to Roberts in a wide variety of ways.

As Slate reports, men’s reactions to the actress ranged from ostensibly friendly greetings, such as “Have a nice evening!”, to uninvited comments on her body—“Sexy!”.

Still others reacted to the actress with a sense of entitlement: “Somebody’s acknowledging you for being beautiful! You should say thank you more!” one man told her.

In all, Bliss recorded more than 100 instances of verbal harassment – and that count doesn’t even include winks and whistles.

“The ceaseless chatter…adds up to a constant reminder that, just for walking from point A to point B, some men believe that women’s bodies and minds should be made accessible to them on command,” writes Amanda Hess for Slate.

Hess noted that she passed the video around to men in her office to gauge their reactions.

One of her male coworkers noted that the video is a “great reminder of how even the most ‘innocuous’-seeming comments pile up over the course of an hour, day, and life to feel oppressive and awful.” He also added the camera was likely to have caught only a portion of the harassment, as men were likely to have given the actress “the once-over from behind, which is…often accompanied with meeting another dude’s eyes like amiright?

The video has met resistance from some men on Twitter, who claim that what the video depicts isn’t harassment – instead, they claim, it’s just annoying, and the woman’s refusal to reply is impolite.

Sources: Slate, YouTube, Business Insider

Photo Sources: Screenshot


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