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Video: Seattle Cops Ridicule Jogger Hit by Semi Truck

A dashcam video (below) obtained by a Seattle man reveals that police were mocking him in the moments after he was nearly killed by a semi truck. Tim Nelson was struck by the truck while he was jogging on the east end of the West Seattle low bridge in October. He suffered a broken back, six cracked ribs, and a fractured skull.

“They say he flew up in the air and landed on his noggin,” one officer can be heard saying in the video.

“Hey, that ain’t my problem,” responds a second officer.

“That’s why you drive a car!” the first one jokes.

“Yeah, don’t try to jog to work, you dumbfuck,” the other responds.

Nelson added that the idea to jog to work was the city's not his. “The city and the state had begged all of us, particularly from West Seattle, not to drive if we could help it. For some reason, I did what they asked and that’s what I got.”


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