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Video: Russian Cab Driver, Angry Motorist Resolve Dispute with Hatchet, Bat

If decades upon decades of road rage ending poorly has taught us anything, it’s that you should never get out of your car before you get to your intended destination.

Don’t get out of your car if someone cuts you off. Don’t get out of your car if someone honks their horn at you. Don’t get out of your car if someone fires a missile at you.

Don’t. Get. Out. Of. Your. Car.

Why should you never get out of your car? Well, because you never know when the other guy is going to get out of his car armed with a hatchet.

Case in point (skip ahead to the 38-second mark if you’re impatient):

According to Gawker, the tense scene above unfolded when a careless Russian cab driver tried to cut off the guy who would eventually exit his vehicle with a deadly weapon in hand. Ultimately, nobody got killed in this particular standoff, but you have to wonder what would have happened if one of them had a gun.

(Kudos Gawker)


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