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Video: Roy Mitchell's Attempted Robbery Foiled by His Mother

In Brandon, Mississippi Roy Mitchell was arrested and jailed after a failed robbery, thanks to his mother (video below).

At 11:30 a.m on Tuesday, Mitchell tried to rob D's 1 Stop convenience store, when his mom took away the gun that he aimed at the clerk, reports WLBT News.

In the video, Mitchell threw some Doritos on the counter, handed the clerk two dollars, pulled a gun out from his pants and demanded all the money from the cash drawer.

That's when Mitchell's mom grabbed the gun and ordered him out.

Mitchell left the store, while his mom told the clerk the gun wasn't real and begged the clerk not to call the police, which he did.

Police officers, later, found a plastic gun, painted to look real, in the car.

Mitchell was charged armed robbery, even though the gun was a fake.


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