Right Wing Radio Host Michael Berry: Hit & Run at Gay Bar

Houston police are investigating claims that conservative radio host Michael Berry fled the scene after hitting a parked car at a popular local gay bar, T.C.’s Show Bar (video below).

Bouncer Tuderia Bennett, the victim of the hit and run, told KPRC: “Videos don’t lie. They don’t paint pictures that don’t exist.”

The video shows a man who looks like Berry entering the bar while men in drag performed nearby.  After leaving the bar on Jan. 31, Berry allegedly backed his black Chevrolet Tahoe up into Bennett’s Volkswagen.

Bennett told police that he clearly saw Berry behind the wheel, but they refused to file charges.

Berry, a former Republican city councilman, said on his radio show on Thursday: “I’ve always said when you do what I do, the way I do it, you make enemies. When you poke your finger in as many people’s eye as I do every day, you make enemies,” adding that they will “will accuse you of most anything.”

“You have to trust that in the end, the system works itself out, that there are checks and balances, there are people who will verify. But you also recognize that there are some people who want you to be crushed. There’s some people who hate you. There are some people who privately would benefit from you not being on the air.”


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