Video: Ricardo Salamanca Cuts off Girlfriend's Nose for Refusing Sex

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Ricardo Salamanca was arrested for cutting almost all of his girlfriend's nose off after she refused to have sex on Oct. 28 (video below).

Ricardo Salamanca was charged with aggravated battery causing bodily harm and was jailed on Wednesday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, reports NBC Miami.

According to the police report: "The victim's nose was severed down to the sinus cavity where the victim's nose was only attached by a thread."

The unidentified girlfriend was taken to North Broward Hospital have her nose reattached.

The victim lived with Salamanca, who had allegedly abused her in the past, but continued to stay with him.

She saw him at a Plantation, Florida nightclub, but went home alone. Later, Salamanca came home and started yelling when she would not have sex.

Salamanca reportedly threw her down, tried to place her in a chokehold, but she somehow broke free and ran to the front door. She recalled being thrown across the room and was bleeding from her face.

She quoted Salamanca as saying "That's what you deserve, b*tch."

The woman then drove herself to the hospital, the report said.


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