Video: Rhode Island Police Officer Edward Krawetz Fights for Job After Kicking Woman


Edward Krawetz, a police officer in Lincoln, Rhode Island, was suspended in March for 10 years after he reportedly kicked Donna Levesque while she was handcuffed (video below).

Officer Krawetz was caught on video kicking Levesque in the face, while she sat on a curb, handcuffed, in May 2009.

He claimed it was self-defense, in January, during a battery trial, because Levesque kicked his leg, according WPRI-TV.

Officer Krawetz did not go to prison, but was ordered into counseling and given a 10-year suspension by the judge.

Now, Krawetz, must attend an administrative hearing on whether he will be fired from his job.

However, there is an online petition calling for Krawetz to be fired and given a stronger sentence.

The petition has more than 400 signatures in the past three days, according to the New York Daily News.


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