Video Reveals Disturbing Animal Abuse At New Mexico Dairy Farm

A New Mexico dairy farm is under intense scrutiny after undercover animal rights activists published footage of extreme animal abuse at the farm.

The footage shows workers at Winchester Dairy in Roswell, New Mexico needlessly whipping, beating, and shocking cows. Cows that are too weak to walk are shocked in the genitals and dragged on the ground. Calves are taken from their mothers immediately after birth and flung into pickup truck beds. Sick cows with festering and infected wounds are denied medical attention.

The animal rights organization that published the footage, Mercy for Animals, says the released footage shows just a fraction of the abuse animals endure at the farm.

"Sadly, what you have just seen is merely a glimpse of the ongoing cruelty and violence documented at this dairy factory farm," Mercy for Animals spokesperson Vandhana Bala.

Here is the disturbing footage:

Mercy for Animals is alleging animal abuse at the farm and wants New Mexico prosecutors to act quickly. The New Mexico Livestock board is already investigating the farm.

"We are investigating it very aggressively,” said Livestock Board supervisor Shawn Davis. “The district attorney is on board and everybody is working hard to make sure we do this right.”

Mercy for Animals hopes other dairy corporations speak out against Winchester Dairy, too.

"No socially-responsible corporation should support dairy operations that beat, kick, shock and drag animals," Mercy for Animals spokesperson Vandhana Bala said.

Until the footage was published, Winchester Dairy produced dairy for Leprino Foods, one of the world’s largest cheese companies. A Leprino spokesperson told the Denver Post the company has ended its contract with Winchester Dairy.

The owner of Winchester Dairy declined an interview with KOB, but released a statement via a public relations firm saying all farm employees have been fired and the cows have been shipped to other farms.

Matt Rice, Mercy for Animals’ director of investigations, hopes the video helps usher in industry standard reforms for dairy farms.

"This isn't a matter of a single dairy farm failing to meet industry standards. This is a matter of industry standards allowing for blatant animal abuse," Rice said. "That's why we're calling on the industry to make improvements at all of its facilities to prevent this type of abuse.”

Sources: KOB, Denver Post


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